Come From Away at Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre

Come From Away Tickets

Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre | New York, New York

Enjoy the heart-warming Come From Away, a musical based on a remarkable true story of how 7,000 stranded people were shown kindness by the people of the small town Newfoundland and were welcomed after the world stopped on 9/11. Book your tickets today for Saturday 9th April 2022 at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre and make sure your places. Let your soul be reminded of the capacity for human kindness in uncertainty, and how clashing beliefs will learn trust for and from each other. Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre is excited to be hosting Come From Away on Saturday 9th April 2022, make sure you will be there and purchase your places without delay.

The cast of 16 players and nine band members make for an incredibly familial air onstage. With a one act musical of non-stop singing and lively activity, the cast has crafted a palpable connectivity in a show that’s protagonist is, arguably, the ensemble as a whole. Similar to Broadway’s In Transit, no one character takes the stage as the story’s main focus. Instead, the focus remained fixed on the cast as a whole and the nostalgic, heart-wrenching events following the September 11 tragedy of 2001. So come and experience this stunning story unfold right in front of you live at the phenomenal Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre in New York City.

Come From Away at Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre

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