Come From Away at Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre

Come From Away Tickets

Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre | New York, New York

Buy your tickets without delay for Saturday 22nd January 2022 at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre for the hopeful musical Come From Away, based on true events. You will be taken to The Rock, a small Canadian town that was abruptly flodded with 7,000 passengers in 38 planes after the world stopped on 9/11. Let your heart be reminded of the capacity for human kindness, even in the most bleak times, and how opposing beliefs will learn trust for and from each other. The melodies are poignant and will stay with you always. Secure your seats now and buy your tickets for Come From Away on Saturday 22nd January 2022 at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre.

The scenic designer of Come From Away, Beowulf Boritt, weaves an incredible tale through imagery and set design. Echoing to the amazing utilization of the turn table by David Korins in Hamilton, Boritt somehow manages to convince the audience that two rows of chairs paired with a rotating turn table are, in fact, an airplane. The clever utilization of minimal set pieces paired with masterful acting helps viewers’ suspension of disbelief as they are transported into the haunting and harrowing tale of 6,500 passengers who survived the skies of September 11. So if you want to catch all the thrills, highs, lows and excitement of a live theater show, come to the breathtaking Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre in New York City for a night of incredible entertainment.

Come From Away at Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre

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