The Notebook – The Musical at Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre

 The Notebook at Gerald Schoenfeld TheatreIt’s time to get swept off your feet and immerse yourselves in ever-lasting long as The Notebook arrives on Broadway this Spring. Following the success of the Nicholas Sparks novel and film adaptation, the tale of Allie and Noah has captured the hearts of many. Now, it’s being told in classic Broadway style. The will make its world premiere beginning February 2024, and you surely cannot miss it! The Notebook – The Musical is an all-new experience that will pull your heartstrings just like the first time you watched the film. Since its first engagement in Chicago, critics and fans have not been able to stop speaking highly of the production. So, witness it for yourselves when it arrives in New York City!

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The Notebook Musical Tickets:

“Absolutely gorgeous – not to be missed.” – Chicago Tribune

“Superb! A stage musical for the ages.” – Chicago Sun-Times

The Notebook Musical Tickets

The Notebook Musical – a heartfelt story that’s come to life on stage, inspired by the beloved novel and film. It’s all about Allie and Noah, two people from completely different worlds who find a love that lasts a lifetime, even when everything seems to be against them. It’s a beautiful tribute to the enduring power of love. According to Chris Jones of The Chicago Tribune, this musical is “absolutely gorgeous” – a must-see! And The Chicago Sun-Times describes it as “superb,” saying it’s a musical for the ages.

The creative team behind this production is top-notch. Directors Michael Greif and Schele Williams bring their expertise to the table, and multi-platinum singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson lends her talent to the music and lyrics. Playwright Bekah Brunstetter, known for her work on NBC’s “This Is Us,” crafted the compelling story, and choreographer Katie Spelman adds the perfect dance moves to the mix. If you’re a fan of the novel or the film, you won’t want to miss “The Notebook” musical – it’s a beautiful experience that captures the essence of love and devotion.

The Notebook has scenic design by David Zinn and Brett J. Banakis, with costumes by Paloma Young, lighting by Ben Stanton, sound by Nevin Steinberg, and hair and wigs by Mia Neal. The music supervisor for the production is Carmel Dean, who also worked on arrangements with Ingrid Michaelson and orchestrations with John Clancy, and the music director is Geoffrey Ko. Casting by The Telsey Office, Patrick Goodwin, CSA.

“The Notebook will likely make you cry, make you laugh, fill you with yearning and gratitude, and just make you feel – feel all the emotions.” – Splash Magazine

Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre notebook musical

The Notebook is a heartwarming musical based on a popular book by Nicholas Sparks. It’s also inspired by a well-loved movie from 2004 that’s famous for being one of the most successful romantic dramas ever. The movie, starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, is especially cherished for its touching portrayal of their love story.

If you’ve seen the movie or read the book, we’re certain you have high hopes for this Broadway production. Will it make you cry like the first time? Will it touch your hearts in the same way? Well, there’s only one way to find out when you come to the show! Believe the critics when they say that this one is one that is not to be missed. The timeless tale of Noah and Allie is sure to make you feel the same way as before!

“See it now or wait years for the inevitable national tour.” – Chicago on Stage

20 years after the release of the well-loved film The Notebook will finally arrive on Broadway. Previous of this long-awaited production will begin on Tuesday, the 6th of February. Before this the production made a limited-time premiere run at Broadway in Chicago. Jordan Tyson played Younger Allie, Joy Woods played Middle Allie, and Tony Award winner Maryann Plunkett played Older Allie; John Cardoza played Younger Noah, Ryan Vasquez played Middle Noah, and John Beasley played Older Noah.

“I knew how “The Notebook” was going to end, but I teared up anyway when it happened.” – TheatreMania

“This musical is an instant classic, and one you can and should bring your generations to.” – Chicago Stage and Screen

Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre notebook tickets

If you want a sneak peek of this musical, multi-platinum singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson released a single of one of the songs featured in the production – “If This is Love.” To say that the song perfectly encapsulates the message of The Notebook is the best way to describe it. This is Michaelson’s Broadway debut as a composer but she has been a force in the music industry even before. She has nine studio albums – four of them being Top 20. 

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