Come from Away Tickets

Come from Away Tickets

When the United States come under a terror attack, it did more than wound the heart of a nation. Policies changed, confidence was shaken, but more importantly, people came together in their time of need. That is the story behind new musical Come from Away, which tells the tale of how one Newfoundland town came to the rescue of confused pilots, airline staff, and travelers dealing with a stark realization that their world isn’t as safe as they want it to be. Every man, woman, and child grounded in Gander bring their own stories to the small town and deal with the 9-11 attacks in their way. But the kindness of Gander gives them hope and keeps them strong even in the wake of terror.

But can the kindness of one small town change everything for those who Come from Away? You can learn their stories and see what happens in what many reviewers consider a reminder of the capacity for kindness in the human spirit even in the darkest of times and a triumph of humanity over hate and fear. This musical elevates audiences by reminding them of one of the darkest points in recent human history filled with fear, confusion, hate, and ultimately the warmth and hope that triumphs over them all.

Audiences that have lived through the periods following the 9-11 attacks will find a lot to love in this story as they remember what it was like for them when the news of the towers first came to their towns. Even those audience members who were too young to understand what was going on at the time will have a greater appreciation for today’s world after seeing this musical. If you want to celebrate humanity’s triumph over this recent tragedy, then come and see Come from Away. This production is touring across the world, and you can catch their show when it comes to Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre.

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The First Moments of the Musical

Everyone knows the story of 9-11, but until Come from Away, there hasn’t been a lot of talking about what life was like by airline flyers who were forced to be grounded following the attacks. The story begins on the morning of September 11, 2001, when the townsfolk of Gander, including Claude the mayor, Oz the constable, Beulah the teacher, and others, describe life in Newfoundland and how they learn about the terrorist attacks in New York City, Washington D.C., and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The attacks had already made the community stop and think, but the effects become all the more real when US airspace closures force planes to be diverted and land at Gander airport, doubling the population of the small town.

The town of Gander was unequipped to handle the sudden upswing of travelers, but choose to band together to prepare housing, food, and comfort for the nearly 7,000 passengers and animals that had suddenly become a part of their community. Meanwhile, the pilots, flight attendants, and passengers are confused and facing difficulty in learning what’s going on creating an atmosphere of fear and concern. But slowly, as the crew and passengers are allowed to leave to shelters around Gander, the truth of the sudden emergency landing comes to light and the characters have to deal with uncertainty, as many worry about family and loved ones back home. So as Gander’s citizens reach out to lend a helping hand, the travelers have to deal with their fears, concerns, and the reality that the world would change forevermore.

The play then explores how 9-11 affects the passengers and crew of the airlines as well as the town of Gander and deals with issues of race, gender, and sexuality. Characters bond over shared experiences while the tension and frustration that the attacks caused threaten to break up friendships and relationships. The musical is a moving story that will make audiences smile and feel pride in their essential humanity. But to discover what happens to those who come from away, you will have to come out and see the show. Order your tickets today to see this limited-run production.
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The History and Success of Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre

The Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, previously known as Plymouth Theatre, is located in Midtown Manhattan. The name was changed in 2005 to honor Shubert Organization chairman Gerald Schoenfeld for his role in maintaining and operating the Shubert theatres and helping his partners pull American theater out of a steep decline during the 70s and returning the industry into a profitable enterprise. The original theatre was designed by famed architect Herbert J. Krapp to resemble neighboring Shubert and Booth theatres. The actual venue was constructed by the Shubert brothers in 1917-18 and was opened to the public that same year with A Successful Calamity as its opening production. The theatre was intended to be a venue for legitimate plays starring notable actors including John and Lionel Barrymore.

Ever since the venue opened, it hosted many notable performances that are still celebrated by theatre fans and historians. These productions include 1919’s The Jest, 1945’s Ten Little Indians, 1976’s Godspell, 2016’s American Psycho: The Humans, and 2017’s run of Come from Away. From the original vision of creating a space for serious and entertaining productions, Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre has become one of Broadway’s more important venues and is considered a New York City Landmark. It has also made records including a Box Office record for the venue when A Steady Rain starring Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman, grossed $1,292,210 over eight performances for the week ending December 6, 2009. This record would then be eclipsed in 2014 by It’s Only a Play starring Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane, which grossed $1,424,039 for the week ending December 7, 2014.
This theatre is important to Broadway and fans will keep coming back to see the top-quality performances that take residency or tour on its stage. So make sure you don’t miss out on this upcoming production of Come from Away.